Strategies for prolonging the shelf life of minimally proces

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The Technology


Strategies for prolonging the shelf life of minimally proces


It deals with Packaging strategies particularly suitable for minimally processed fruits and vegetables, ensuring a longer shelf life for the packed products. The packaging is based on combined use of different treatments designed to inhibit a specific degradation process, in order to extend the product shelf life. The technology proposed is based on the use, single or combined, of different strategies as dipping in antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds, coatings and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) with a proper packaging material. The technology proposed was properly designed to inhibit specific degradation processes of fresh cut zucchini, artichokes, lampascioni, salad, cherries, cactus pears, barattiere, grape and cime di rapa.

The researchers are looking for companies available to finance and participate in the industrial development of the new packaging system for ready-to-use products.

Markets Addressed

Minimally processed vegetables and fruit

Stage of development

Laboratory Prototype

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