Microwave technology for pest control and drying of agro-foo

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The Technology


Microwave technology for pest control and drying of agro-foo



Traditional techniques of foodstuff disinfestations based on the use of chemicals can cause several health problems among the operators, but also among the consumers because of the unavoidable presence of noxious residues in the treated products. Thanks to a consolidated know-how and research on the effects deriving from the dielectric heating at hyper-frequencies, the Italian SME has developed an innovative microwave technology to replace techniques using fumigation with toxic gases (mainly methyl bromide)  banished by the Protocol of Montreal. This technique can be applied to different kinds of Agro-food products including legumes, cereals, dates and dried fruits for treatments of disinfestations and/or drying ensuring the product integrity in terms of preservation of savour and nutritional properties.

Microwave treatments rely on the absorption of electromagnetic energy by water molecules contained in the pests infesting the foodstuff under treatment, which is transformed into heat, leading to the pests’ mortality within a few minutes.
In fact, most infesting biological agents do not survive over a certain temperature called lethal temperature, generally between 55°C and 60°C, which can be rapidly reached through microwave irradiation.

The technological solutions conceived are two: a static device for batch treatments and a dynamic device for non-stop treatments. The latter is a modular tunnel system fitting every productive capacity needs, composed of shielded and electrically connected elements ensuring a totally shielded electromagnetic system. Each unit is properly studied in order to optimize the reverberation process and to allow the treatment of a great deal of products. 

The particular modular configuration of the system enables its complete integration in a pre-existing production cycle, without bringing mechanical/structural changes in the installation place.

Innovation and advantages of the offer:

This technology represents an innovation with respect to the methods commonly used which are generally long, unsafe for operators, polluting for the environment and not totally effective.

The improvements that this new technology introduces are significant in terms of:

$1-        High efficacy of the disinfestations against all pests whatever the life stage is.

$1-        Rapidity: the treatment takes a few minutes.

$1-        Safety for the operators.

$1-        Greater energy-efficiency.

$1-        Preservation and integrity of the product quality (savour and nutritional properties).

$1-        Absence of toxic residues in the treated product.

$1-        Automation of the process.

$1-        Compliance with the international environmental rules and with the requirements of the Montreal Protocol.

$1-        Lower costs thanks to the process rapidity.


Markets Addressed


Health food System

Agro food System

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry Systems and Related Products


Stage of development

Small scale in-house production

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