Environmental technologies and their deployment is an essential aspect of shifting current business and financial models towards more sustainable ones. Adding to the above, eco-innovation plays a critical role towards sustainability as it refers to the development of products and processes that contribute to sustainable development, applying the commercial application of knowledge to elicit direct or indirect ecological improvements.

Over the years, KiNNO Consultants recorded the needs of Eco-Innovators and Ecopreneurs and has developed IGRiNN, a unique and innovative set of services pointing directly to the heart of their needs.

We support Eco-Innovators throughout their whole Business LifeCycle!

IGRiNN is a set of services which aim to assist eco-innovation producers (i.e. scientists, technologists etc) and providers (SMEs, entrepreneurs etc) to make the most out of their products or business. Moreover, IGRiNN is supported by a web-based toolkit that supports all services throughout their basic steps and gives you a glimpse of what you should expect with the implementation of any service you may choose:

  • Identification and Exploitation of your Technology and Business Potential, through exhaustive case by case analysis and publication and exploitation of your technology based opportunities.
  • Benchmarking of your Innovation Performance through the support of an online questionnaire and identification of valuable methodologies and solutions in order to improve your condition.
  • Training and Coaching on your Business and Innovation Resources through one-on-one guidance with the support of an online training module repository.
  • Assistance through the setting-up of your innovative start-up with a variety of customized services based on your needs.

Also, IGRiNN is a unique repository which collects and presents bibliography, news and links related to eco-innovation from around the world, in order to allow all visitors to remain updated on recent trends associated with the subject.