First Steps to Starting a Small Green Business

With few exceptions, every business begins as a small business. Some stay small, others grow as the years pass. Profitability and future growth are based on the ability to understand business operations and make good decisions.

This section is designed to walk you through the key steps and provide the essential information you will need when starting a business. While almost all start-up businesses will eventually need to consider each of these steps, you may choose to go through them in a different order than listed.

Step 1: Do you have what it takes?


Do you know what going into business means for your income, lifestyle, family, and time? Complete this section to find out.

Step 2: What business should you choose?

You may think you already know what business is right for you or you may just want to be your own boss. Take the time to make a list and evaluate the possibilities.

Step 3: Is your idea feasible?

You have a great idea but do others feel the same way? Is there a market for your product or service? Do you know how many people will buy it? Do your research before quitting your day job.

Step 4:How will you finance the business?


You have the skills, a great idea, and a market, but what about the money? The number one reason small businesses fail is because they did not have enough working capital to survive the first two years of operation. Be sure you do before you open your doors.