Naturally, there must be rewards or no one would start a small business. The rewards are different for each person but some of the most common positive aspects are:

  • Independence. For many, the freedom to act independently is chief in their decision to "be their own boss."
  • Money. The financial returns from your own efforts are not limited to normal work for normal pay. You have the chance to make a lot more money than you might make working for someone else.
  • Fun. Many entrepreneurs describe what they do as fun - they really enjoy what they do.

You should evaluate three key areas before jumping into a business endeavor head first: your personality, your business skills and your lifestyle.

We've provided three assessment tools for you to use to determine how ready you are in each area. Your checklist results will let you know if you are prepared to start a business at this time and will indicate areas where you may need to develop additional skills and training. After you have completed the checklists, move on to Step 2.